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    This dashboard displays support related to the Community Investment Tax Credits (CITC), a program that offers 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations with state tax credits to attract contributions. Use the dashboard to find active nonprofit organizations, learn more about each organization's goals and donate to support efforts in the community. Developed by ESRGC for the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Information Technology.
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  • data.maryland.gov
  • Let Us Know What You Think
  • All of Maryland's Open Data and Maps, Searchable from a Single Location
  • Give Maryland Dashboard
  • Does Your Town Want Its Own Open Data Site?
  • State Payments from 2008 to 2015 State Payments from 2008 to 2015

    This dataset shows all payments made by state agencies from Fiscal Years 2008 to 2015 which were $25,000 or more. All parties receiving funds are shown: private businesses and vendors, local governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals. If you have any questions please contact service.desk@maryland.gov. This dataset combines multiple data sources from the Department of Budget and Management to show spending across multiple years. Source data can be found at spending.dbm.maryland.gov.

  • Minority Business Enterprise: Statewide Directory Minority Business Enterprise: Statewide Directory

    This directory is current as of January 2016 and includes contact information for over 5,600 MBE-certified businesses. MBE, DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), SBE (Small Business Enterprise), and ACDBE (Airport Concession Disadvantaged Enterprise) certified businesses are all shown.

  • Maryland Real Property Assessments Maryland Real Property Assessments

    Contains complete records from SDAT and MDP except for property owner names. Property owner name data are available by contacting service.desk@maryland.gov, signing up for a data.maryland.gov account, and agreeing to terms of use. Note that records shown here are updated approximately monthly, at different frequencies from data in products from MDP and SDAT. Please see the full documentation PDF and complete metadata at the dedicated metadata site (https://data.maryland.gov/Business-and-Economy/Maryland-Real-Property-Assessments-Hidden-Property/ed4q-f8tm/about).

  • Are our Datasets up to Date? Are our Datasets up to Date?

    This dataset shows whether each dataset on data.maryland.gov has been updated recently enough. For example, datasets containing monthly data should be updated at least every 31 days. This dataset also shows a compendium of metadata from all data.maryland.gov datasets. This report is used during meetings of the Maryland Open Data Council to curate datasets for maintenance and make sure the Open Data Portal's data stays up to date.


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Ordered Topics
  1. tod
  2. oriented
  3. tidal waters
  4. reservoir
  5. municipalities
  6. public water supply
  7. flowing waters
  8. stream
  9. nontidal cold water
  10. shellfish
  11. polygons
  12. impoundment
  13. estuarine waters
  14. healthcare
  15. lake
  16. use class
  17. salisbury university
  18. mea
  19. biodiesel
  20. ethanol
  21. chesapeake
  22. lpg
  23. mobility
  24. children
  25. eastern shore regional gis cooperative
  26. cng
  27. esrgc
  28. su
  29. information technology
  30. water
  31. maryland energy administration
  32. accidents
  33. traffic
  34. va
  35. maryland broadband cooperative
  36. business
  37. dls
  38. mgs
  39. clean energy
  40. department of legislative services
  41. small business
  42. maryland broadband mapping initiative
  43. public
  44. college
  45. geoscientific
  46. childhood hunger
  47. lead
  48. death
  49. hunger
  50. enterprise
  51. protected lands
  52. mht
  53. firm
  54. mdva
  55. mdta
  56. broadband
  57. coastal zone
  58. mdot
  59. property
  60. cgis
  61. ridership
  62. envl
  63. green
  64. maryland geological survey
  65. school
  66. expenditures
  67. dhr
  68. automatic analysis
  69. towson university
  70. unemployment
  71. corrections
  72. tu
  73. towson university center for gis
  74. rape
  75. state
  76. aggravated assault
  77. robbery
  78. rivers
  79. dpscs facility-specific template
  80. 2014
  81. baystat
  82. tax
  83. construction
  84. gopi
  85. navigable waterways
  86. residential
  87. doc
  88. sea port
  89. pollution
  90. counties
  91. grants
  92. us dot
  93. bts
  94. washington metropolitan area transit authority
  95. light rail
  96. ozone
  97. bay
  98. assault
  99. wmata
  100. air quality
  101. agriculture
  102. parking
  103. grantees
  104. maryland state police
  105. department of public safety and correctional services
  106. hlth
  107. fish
  108. veterans
  109. train
  110. spawning habitats
  111. department of health and mental hygiene
  112. jobs
  113. utilities communication
  114. util
  115. state highway administration
  116. jail
  117. prison
  118. fiscal
  119. vendors
  120. education
  121. income
  122. natural resources
  123. vegetation
  124. goccp
  125. submerged
  126. economy
  127. subway
  128. development
  129. aquatics
  130. airport
  131. population
  132. sav
  133. health
  134. vital statistics
  135. employment
  136. homicide
  137. msp
  138. vendor
  139. violent crime
  140. crime
  141. payments
  142. maryland department of planning
  143. tran
  144. total
  145. projections
  146. rail
  147. bus
  148. maryland transit administration
  149. marc
  150. dhcd
  151. sha
  152. mta
  153. chesapeake bay
  154. dpscs
  155. compare
  156. hydr
  157. housing
  158. environment
  159. transit
  160. full and part time jobs in maryland by industry and by place of work from 2001 to 2040.
  161. hydrology
  162. dhmh
  163. metro
  164. county
  165. department of natural resources
  166. biota
  167. biot
  168. kml
  169. governor's office of performance improvement
  170. mde
  171. spending
  172. transportation
  173. public safety
  174. department of general services
  175. sports
  176. dgs
  177. maryland sports authority
  178. msa
  179. maryland stadium authority
  180. maryland sports
  181. maryland department of business and economic development
  182. md dnr
  183. maryland department of natural resources
  184. budget
  185. electricity
  186. society
  187. soci
  188. conservation
  189. dbed
  190. energy
  191. dnr
  192. planning
  193. mdp
  194. vector
  195. dynamic
  196. wms
  197. md
  198. wfs
  199. md imap
  200. maryland

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