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Dataset Daily Updates

Dataset Freshness Dashboard

At the State of Maryland, we strive to make sure that the data accessible from Maryland's Open Data Portals are the most current and accurate data available. We commit to this by providing daily updates of when data was last updated and if it meets the appropriate update cycle for that data point. When a State agency creates a dataset in the open data portal, there is maintenance time frame that is selected. This may include daily, weekly, monthly, or annual data updates. The Dataset Freshness Dashboard was developed to allow data owners to identify which of their datasets are up-to-date and which are in need of data updates, as well as to provide end users with a comprehensive understanding of how current the data is. Please explore the dashboard below:

Dataset Table

This dataset, hosted on the Open Data Portal, is the source data for the Data Freshness Dashboard and shows whether each dataset on has been updated recently enough. For example, datasets containing monthly data should be updated at least every 31 days. This dataset also shows a compendium of metadata from all datasets. This report is used during meetings of the Maryland Council on Open Data to curate datasets for maintenance and make sure the Open Data Portal's data stays up to date.